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Uses of Plastic Pipe

Many of today's plastics were developed during and just before World War II. Some were introduced into piping systems in the 1930's. In the United States, plastic piping systems obtained wide acceptance in the late 1950's and early 1960's. Since then plastic pipe usage has increased at an astounding rate.

Water mains, hot and cold water distribution, drain, waste, and vent (DWV), sewer, gas distribution, irrigation, conduit, fire sprinkler and process piping are the major markets for plastic piping systems throughout the world. Underground piping makes up the largest part of the market.

Plastic piping systems enable many important sustainable and green technologies for buildings. To learn more about this important subject, please download our green applications report here.

The primary plumbing applications in which plastic piping is used:

Non-Pressure Applications

  • Building Drain, Waste and Vent (DWV)
  • Building Sewers and Drains

Pressure Applications

  • Water Service
  • Hot and Cold Water Distribution

Some other applications:

  • Fire Sprinkler Piping
  • Swimming Pool Piping
  • Chilled Water Systems
  • Irrigation
  • Ice Melting
  • Radiant Floor Heating
For information on plastic piping systems in municipal water, storm, or sewer applications, see the PVC Pipe Association and Plastic Pipe Institute