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Good plumbing practices routinely employ the following techniques to reduce the noise in plumbing systems:

  1. Be selective in plumbing wall stack location and avoid critical areas where possible.
  2. Use a plumbing "wall" of adequate thickness to properly accommodate the plumbing system without restriction.
  3. Support pipe properly; make sure it is not installed under strain and that it is not in contact with the wall material. Be sure to allow adequate clearances between piping and holes cut in framing members.
  4. Use long-radius fittings to reduce turbulence.
  5. Wrap stacks and piping in critical wall spaces with sound deadening material or pack the wall with insulating materials.
  6. Isolate the piping system from the building structure using vibration damping materials such as fiberglass or rock wool in areas where noise would be objectionable.

This PPFA User Bulletin is designed to provide guidance in achieving the efficient, effective and proper use of plastic pipe. The suggestions and advice contained in this Bulletin are offered merely to provide plastic pipe users with a general frame of reference. Because specific situations may and often do require special treatment, the suggestions and advice are obviously not universally applicable. Therefore, the user should carefully assess the requirements of his specific situation before making practical application of anything contained in this publication.