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Joining Methods

Joining, Installation, Testing & Repairing Methods (adapted from workbook & CD)

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There are at least three or more joining methods that are available for any thermoplastic piping system. Many joining techniques such as flanging, grooved-compression couplings and other mechanical methods are similar to other piping materials. However, thermoplastics do have rather unique joining methods which will be discussed in detail in this section.

  • General Piping Practices
  • Cutting/Cleaning
  • Solvent Cementing
  • Infrared Radiant Butt Fusion
  • Socket Fusion
  • Mechanical Pressure Cut/Rolled-Grooved with Metal Gasket Coupler
  • Mechanical Acid/Waste/Drainage Cut-Groove
  • Mechanical Quick Connect
  • Threading
  • Storage
  • Above-Ground Installations
  • Testing
  • Back Welding
  • Inspection
  • Flanging
  • Butt Fusion
  • Bead & Crevice-Free Fusion
  • Electric Fusion
  • Mechanical Pressure Cut-Groove with Plastic & Spline Coupler
  • Mechanical Push-Fit
  • Mechanical Transition
  • Installing
  • Handling
  • Below-Ground Installations
  • Repairing