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About TIPS

Common everyday items such as drinking water, computers, automobiles, home appliances, prescriptions and hundreds more owe their creation in a large part to TIPS unique products. TIPS products are critical to the success of such industries as electronics and semiconductors, steel processing, pharmaceuticals, mining, desalination, pulp and paper and many other basic industries.

TIPS Products

TIPS is the acronym for Thermoplastic Industrial Piping Systems: it also is the name of a Product Line Committee (PLC) of the PPFA. The TIPS PLC is composed of several prestigious manufacturers and consultants in the industry with hundreds of years of combined knowledge and experience in designing installing and maintaining plastic piping systems for a myriad of applications (click on the Applications tab for further details). Although many of the TIPS member companies supply products to residential, commercial and industrial markets, most of the contained product information focuses mainly on aboveground industrial applications.

Mission Statement

The mission of the TIPS PLC is to grow the North American market for its products by providing current best practice and industry knowledge to all who study, design, specify, install and use industrial piping systems.